Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Plover babies!

Plover parents
There are lots of birds that live around the Fisheries Institute (it is surrounded by a protected area so there is lots of shelter for them).

And it now feels a lot like Spring here because the big Plovers have had LITTLE BABY PLOVERS!!

They are all running around the Fisheries site in small family groups - squeaking loudly when anyone goes near to them.

Tiny Plover

The parents are known for dive bombing people who come too close to the chicks - and so a few people here aren't too keen on them.

But they are SUPER CUTE, so I like them a lot. There are some birds of prey resident to the area though so I am quite worried that one day I will see less tiny Plovers running around.. but fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

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  1. TINY PLOVERS!! They are so cute when they run around, glad you got to enjoy these! <3