Thursday, 14 August 2014

Leaving :(

Having been on Sherkin Island for almost 2 months I have now had to say goodbye to the beautiful place and my fellow Marine Station Bods. I have had a great time exploring the little island, trying out a new aspect of marine biology, and boggling (among many other things). I am sad to have left - although I am a little excited to not have to prepare meals for 8 again any time soon!

Final photos - courtesy of Robbie Murphy. Don't we all look very
well behaved and smiley?
Then came the jumping.. soooo much jumping..
I think this one was 'be a sea creature'? But it really could be anything..

I think I will definitely have to visit Sherkin again in the future! The Marine Station is celebrating 40 years of surveying next year and Matt is hosting many past bods for an anniversary gathering so perhaps I will be going to that. Living on Sherkin has been an experience that I certainly won't be forgetting for a long while! Goodbye!!!

Last night at the pub!

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