Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Fun and dolphins!

The other day we went out on Charlie's boat (a different Charlie - I don't secretly own boats now) to see some of the little islands surrounding Sherkin and to see if we could find any wildlife. It was such a nice day and we had a lovely time - we ended up seeing many dolphins and rather a lot of seals too!

Fabulous sun-bathing seal
Me, Nonny and Ruth after the
boat trip - smiley happy
boat faces!

There is one dolphin that hangs out on its own near the marina on Sherkin and it decided to join our boat for a good few minutes on our way back to shore. Charlie's dog, which was onboard the boat with
us and having a great time, was the first to see the dolphin and proceeded to jump in after it (presumably with a view to catching it, but i'm not sure about the logic of this as the dolphin was quite large). We got the dog out of the water and watched the dolphin swim lazily around near the boat. 

Lazy dolphin

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