Sunday, 6 September 2015

One last dive (or 3)

Yesterday morning I managed to squeeze in one last dive trip on the boat over to Broughton Island where we did 3 boat dives. The swell was fairly intense but it was definitely worth the effort, and I'm so glad I finally got to go. The water was a toasty 19ÂșC and the visibility was pretty good too (and the swell actually meant that I kept nice and warm from the effort it was taking to stay in one place!).

During the dive we saw lots of Port Jackson sharks, big blue groupers, grey nurse sharks, huge shoals of little bullseye, and a few other things (including some nice colourful starfish).

Here are some of the (very many) photos that I took. I borrowed someone's fabulous underwater camera because mine is currently throwing a bit of a wobbly and needs time out. This post is basically just pictures - it doesn't really need much else to be honest.

These are the Bullseye fish - HUGE SHOALS that blocked out the light when they swam overhead

We stopped for a quick cup of tea and some soup and biscuits in between dives - not a bad view from the boat
Then we found some Grey Nurse Sharks
A few of them! They like to swim through the big shoals of bullseye fish. Most of the sharks we saw were cruising
around, but some of them were resting in the channel because the current means they can stay stationary and
still have water running past their gills

Posing for the camera

And I am now a certified ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER!!

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